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Cacao refers to a tropical plant that is native to South America: the Theobroma cacao tree. It can also refer to the beans of this plant and a specific type of product made from the beans. Cacao is also the name of two South American cities. The beans of the cacao plant are prized the world over for their distinctive flavor and aroma.

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The domestication history of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is vital to understanding the origins of farming. Beans are one of the "three sisters" of traditional agricultural cropping methods reported by European colonists in North America: Native Americans wisely intercropped maize, squash, and beans, providing a healthful and environmentally sound way of capitalizing on their ...

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By Kristen Kelly. Cocoa, or cacao, beans grow on the cocoa plant and have been used since the 1800s to make chocolate. Cocoa is now grown in tropical regions around the world, but it originated in South and Central America. Cocoa beans grow in Hawaii and Florida.

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Thirty years of research supports cacao farmers, chocolate industry A farmer in Ecuador opens cocoa pods to remove the beans. The endowed cocoa research program at Penn State is helping to ensure a stable supply of quality beans for the benefit of growers, chocolate manufacturers and chocolate lovers around the world.

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Jun 07, 2010· The scientific name is Theobroma cacao. Chocolate is made from cacao beans. Chocolate is made from cacao beans. Theobroma in Greek means "food of the gods" (theo=god and broma=food), and that is exactly what chocolate has been known as for centuries.

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Sep 20, 2012· There are various types of cocoa beans but the type that is used mostly by various largechocolate producers to produce chocolate is Forastero beans which is a highyielding bean grown in West Africa and Brazil. Criollo Trinitario beans are .

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Preferred Scientific Name. Araecerus fasciculatus (De Geer) Preferred Common Name. cocoa weevil; Other Scientific Names. Amblycerus japonicus Thunberg; Anthribus coffeae Fabriciuis; Araecerus coffeae (Fabricius) Curculio fasciculatus De Geer; International Common Names. English: areca nut weevil; coffee bean weevil; coffee weevil; nutmeg weevil

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Sea Pearl. Nickarbean: Yellow varieties Caesalpinia spp. Porcupine Seed Caryocar sp. Porcupine Seed, Smooth Caryocar glabrum spp. Prickly Palm Acrocomia spp. Starnut Palm Astrocaryum sp.


Economic cacao cultivars are grown for the production of dried beans, which are the source of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa cake and cocoa powder. Cacao is a fastgrowing tropical forest plant, capable of being cultivated in association with other trees, and providing additional goods like timber and firewood, fruits, construction materials,

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Soy bean (Processed and Dried for Consumptions) 2. ... Scientific name. Common name. Description form. 7. Family : Rutaceae ... Hay . Hay and Straw for Livestock Feed . 10. All Regulated Articles, Plants and Plant Products . Corn Cob / Skin Cocoa / Sago and Other . Fresh / Raw or Dry Mainly Feed Mill Material . Plant Biosecurity Division . Full ...

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The scientific name Theobroma means "food of the gods", while cacao probably comes from the Yucatec Maya word cacau. Cultivation Cacao is planted on over 70000 square kilometres worldwide with 40% of production coming from Côte d'Ivoire .

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Theobroma cacao. L. Malvaceae + Synonyms. Cacao minus ... Theobroma sativa (Aubl.) Lign. Le Bey. Theobroma sphaerocarpum Common Name: Cacao. Fruits ripening along the trunk Photograph by: Forest and Kim Starr. Fruits ripening along the trunk ... fermented and roasted seeds of this plant, called cacao beans, are the source of cocoa ...

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Scientific Name: Theobroma cacao subsp. cacao and. T. cacao subsp. sphaerocarpum. Common Names: cocoa and chocolate (English), cacao (Spanish), cacaoyer and cacaotier (French), kakao (German), cacau (Portuguese) Family: Sterculiaceae. Related Species: cola nut (Cola acuminata) Origin: Central and northern South America.

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What is the average yield beans/hectare for Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria? Please find below some data on cocoa bean production and estimated land area planted with cocoa trees for 2001/02 in Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria.

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of cocoa beans. Abandoned Commercial Cattle Pasture. Within Ghanas Forest Savannah Zones. Hot, dry climate. ... Plant and maintain tree species that provide ecological, economical, medicinal, and subsistence benefit SHADE PLANTATIONS ... Include the scientific name.

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Fourth graders explore the requirements a cocoa plant needs to survive. They research where chocolate comes from and how humans can affect the growth of cocoa trees. Students create a 3D model of a cocoa tree and compare and contrast...

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Cultivation [change | change source] The cacao bean in 80% of chocolate is made using beans of the Forastero Group. Forastero trees are significantly hardier than Criollo trees, resulting in cheaper cacao beans. Trinitario, a hybrid of Criollo and Forastero, is used in about 10% of chocolate. For details of processing, see cocoa .

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inside is a white pulp or cocoa pulp tastes the pulp is the nib is where chocolate comes can be used for chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and more. .

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Mulch Cocoa bean shells can be used an organic mulch and soil conditioner for the garden. Once the beans have been fermented and dried, they can be processed to produce a variety of products. These products include: Cocoa butter Cocoa butter is used in the manufacture of chocolate.

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Chocolate has its origins in ancient Central America where the Maya and the Aztecs cultivated the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao L.) (Figs. 1A to 1C) and extracted from the seeds or beans a highly prized drink (Figs. 2A,2B,3), which was called chocolatl, a precursor to our modern English word chocolate (41).

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Sep 15, 2010· The tree, known officially as Theobroma cacao (meaning "food of the gods"), contains about 420 million DNA units, represented by the letters A, C, G and T. That is fairly small for a plant.

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Theobroma cacao, which translates directly to "food of the gods," is the scientific name for the cacao tree. It comes from the family Malvaceae . This tree produces cacao pods from which cocoa beans are harvested and then pulverized to become cocoa powder.